The Derby went virtual in 2021! 388 Fishermen fished 2 and 1/2 days!

2021 went virtual! Like everything else in the world, I suppose. FishDonkey was the App. Additional categories, in addition to largest fish!

  • Grand Slam (total length of 3 different species of fish, Northern Pike, Bass and Crappie)

    • This can run all weekend and the app automatically culls for you! (Culling is removing a smaller fish for a larger fish in your virtual livewell)
    • Winner: Eli Welch
  • Wild Card (a winner is randomly selected from all submitted fish)
    • Register every fish you catch for a chance to win one of the Wild Card prizes. We will use random number generator to select these after 3pm on the 31st.
    • 38 Wild Card prizes were selected ranging from $25-$500!

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