Registration Info & Rules

Year 12 Registration Open!



Tent doors open at 05:00. Located at LVVA’s beach on Edgewater Parkway. All participants  MUST check-in at the event tent or camper at Lindy’s before fishing, even if you pre-registered you must check in at one of those locations.. You will get a registration number and flag at registration. Once registered, participants may relocate to wherever they choose to fish. When you catch a fish, raise your flag and an LVVA judge will come to you to measure and report the size in to the registration tent recorder.

$20.00 Registration Fee will be charged to all participants unless identified below.

All children 14 y.o. and under fish for free.

Active Duty Military (I.D. required) will fish the event for no charge.

Fishing will begin at 07:00 and end sharply at noon. 

Following the end of fishing hours, awards will be distributed at the event tent. Please try to get back to the tent by 12:20.


Our rules are simple –

  • Don’t Cheat!
  • Be Safe!
  • Have Fun!

Aside from that all state laws and local ordinances applied to fishing. Some of those are listed below:

  1. All participants 16 y.o. and older are required to possess a valid fishing license. We assure you the DNR will be present and checking licenses.
  2. Fish of each species will be measured by length, with the longest fish and second longest fish of each category winning the respective prizes.
  3. Kid’s big fish of each specie will win a prize. A kid’s fish will not be awarded any prizes other than the kid’s prize for the fish. i.e. A kid’s fish cannot be entered in to the biggest fish of species for larger prizes and in the Kid’s category too.
  4. Only 3 lines per participant. These lines may be a combination of devices such as Jigging, Dead Stick, Tip-up, Automatic fishing devices, etc.
  5.  This is a catch and release derby as per ILDNR tournament fishing rules.
  6. ATV/UTV/snowmobiles are authorized for use during the derby, RESPONSIBLY!